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Janet - New York

Although I had studied many Hebrew books and attended classes, I did not have a breakthrough with my studying.

When I saw the diagram showing how Hebrew verbs linked to each other, I felt that everything was under control. After four months, I was able to move easily between tenses while speaking Hebrew.


Shlomit - Jerusalem

I urgently needed to pass the Hebrew University language entrance exam. I only had  3 weeks to drastically improve. I passed the exam to my future, finding the accelerated learning system most helpful.


David - Jerusalem

I had to repeat Kitah Gimmel (the third class in ulpan) three times. Then a friend showed me the the accelerated learning method. Within two months, I was one of the top students in the class, and easily able to read the Hebrew newspapers.


Rachel - California

I had lost hope of ever speaking Hebrew, but then I came across the accelerated learning system. Within several weeks of study, I started conversing with friends.


Thomas - London

Language learning is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. With time you will find the right pieces of grammar and it will all come together. But with the accelerated learning method, it all happens much faster. Extracting the meanings of words from their roots was a huge breakthrough for me. From a few words, I could make many new words. This greatly expanded my vocabulary. I never dreamed that I could make the progress I did.


Gary - Australia

This is a self study system of high calibre. With this method, I quickly developed a sense of what sounds right. I remembered streams of words without effort. I was thrilled by the ease with which I had learned the grammar rules. This is a system that works for me.

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