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What is the main problem with the way Hebrew is taught to new immigrants?

Many immigrants in Israel say that there is no methodology used in the ulpan teaching system in Israel and that the ulpanim use a non-systematic way of teaching



Why is there a need for changing the way that Hebrew is taught in Israel?

A government study has shown that over half of all immigrants over the age of thirty cannot speak, read or write Hebrew at a minimum level even after five months of intensive ulpan study.



What is unique about this accelerated learning system for Hebrew?

In many languages, but especially in Hebrew, there are mathematical relationships between different forms of the same word. It is very easy to use those relationships to speed up Hebrew language learning.


What does it mean when you say there are mathematical relationships between similar words in Hebrew?

This means that from an existing word in Hebrew, it is possible to form new related words by altering one or two letters. This method will greatly reduce the amount of memory work needed to learn the language.



Can you give an example of accelerated learning in Hebrew?

A brief example is as follows: From the infinitive form “ledaber - to speak”,  it is easy to form the present tense “medaber he speaks”,  the future tense “yedaber he will speak”  and the imperative form ”daber speak!”  simply by altering one Hebrew letter. 



Can the accelerated learning method help audio learners or visual learners?

Yes, both audio and visual learners. Visual learners because this method can be easily shown diagrammatically. Audio learners because the different sounds follow a pattern.



How can a student maximize his or her studying?

Students can greatly benefit by using accelerated learning to study Hebrew. The full system is described in the book, “Modern Hebrew - A Step by Step Guide” by Michael Rose and Ezri Uval. 

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