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Recognizing Patterns in Hebrew

November 20, 2007      By Peter

This is the best book that I have come across for learning the structure of the Hebrew language. It has helped me to recognize patterns in unfamiliar words and thereby create my own sentences. I realised that many other parts of the language start from verbs.

The book starts with the menorah diagram showing the seven verb groups (or Binyanim). It then builds on this to give a simple, systematic way of learning the different tenses and even the nouns based on the same root.

It needs to be used alongside other books which help with vocabulary, sentence structure and use of words.


Hebrew made logical

November 1, 2007    By M. Galvin

When I found "A Step by Step Guide to Modern Hebrew", it was like a breath of fresh air. It is so cleanly, simply and methodically laid out it makes Hebrew seem accessible and simple! It moves logically from the very beginning alphabet through more complex structures.

It is very clear and well taught, excellent for English speakers. It also has great charts, tables and self correcting exercises. You literally can take yourself thru them, "step by step".


A Step by Step Guide to Modern Hebrew 

February 25, 2008

By Judy (Washington, DC)


This is the book I have been searching for. I had given up hope of ever understanding the Hebrew verb system, but thanks to this book, I finally get it! As the title says, this is a step by step guide; by following each step, the reader learns to identify and form the verbs in each 'binyan'.

A unique and extremely helpful feature is having exercises with answers; that was a big motivator for me to try the book. Another nice feature is the clear, easy to read font. Most of all, I think that the authors really understand the needs of the English speaking Hebrew learner. A terrific book. 


You need to invest in this book! 

June 10, 2008

By Jane (Johannesburg, South Africa)

This is a marvellous book! I always hated grammar - for any language - at school, but Michael Rose and Ezri Uval make Hebrew grammar interesting and easy to understand. After a very short period of study, I am able to recognise patterns, and can start finding the roots of words.

The exercises are nicely graded, and there are answers for those studying on their own - a great bonus. All the explanations are clear and logical, breaking everything down into simple steps. There is a reference section with simply laid out, easy to find information. Generally the work is logical, with each lesson building on the one before.

I am really enthusiastic about this book - it is making learning Hebrew grammar a real joy. I do reading and vocabulary with a teacher, but for learning the grammar I work alone with this book, and have found it to be well written and easily understandable. If learning Hebrew is your dream, you need to invest in this book!


An Invaluable Book for Beginning & Intermediate Hebrew Students!, 

By Von Hess (Michigan USA)  

Wow! What an impressive job Michael Rose has done at presenting Hebrew to those who want to learn this language! He presents Hebrew in a logical way, clearly explaining the relationship between active and passive verbs by using a menorah diagram that makes this concept easy to understand. In addition, he is adept at showing the reader how nouns, imperatives, etc. are created from the root. (These are sometimes difficult concepts for a student to grasp.)

He not only presents the information, but he provides ample opportunity for the reader to practice using it. The book contains pages and pages of interesting exercises and drills that gradually lead a student from simple practice to true understanding. And, unlike many books I have purchased, Rose's "Modern Hebrew" provides the answers to EVERY exercise.

The book also contains valuable reference sections at the back--a glossary, verb lists in Eng/Heb and Heb/Eng, as well as appendices that classify verbs as to binyan. He even includes a profitable page of study tips.

Michael Rose and Ezri Uval have done a remarkable job of making a subject that is noted for its difficulty actually seem quite easy. They are obviously master teachers! Of all my Hebrew books, this one ranks at the top of the pile for basic Hebrew instruction. It has been an invaluable help in my studies.

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